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March 2014

eelseason autmumnequionox

Sunday 23rd March is the wonderful celebration of Mabon, Autumn Equinox and Second Harvest a time to find balance in our lives when day and night are equal. In this part of Australia it is also Eel Season. We will be celebrating the day in the following ways:

  • Knowing Goddess: a forum for deep discussion. This discussion will focus on what or who is Goddess and how do we know Her? Join us for conversation, exploration, creation of  ritual. 10am - 4pm
  • Introduction to Ritual: a chance to learn about the various aspects of ritual. 5-6:00pm
  • Ritual: Join us in celebration of Mabon. 6:00pm


We are holding a very special event on Saturday 29th March for Earth Hour. Having started in Australia this event is now worldwide. We will have a candle lit ritual for the Earth Mother at 8:00pm. Join us to honour GAIA in celebration of Her abundance and in concern for Her future

Sacred Drama: There is a new Sacred Drama group commencing in April. The activities of the sacred drama group are directed by contributions from the members. No experience is necessary, just an interest to explore themes of Goddess spirituality using drama. We look forward to seeing you. The group will meet from 2-5:00pm.   Saturdays:April 12; May 17; June 14; July 12; Aug 16; Sept 13; Oct 11; Nov 8.

Gaia's Garden Events 2013 : Goddess in Melbourne Australia


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