Goddess Gathering April 2012

Dear Sisters,

Gaia's Garden : Goddess in Australia


Only a couple of weeks and we will be together for the Goddess Gathering at Gaia's Garden. We are really looking forward to seeing you all and enjoying our time together.

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What are the particular challenges for Goddess loving women in Australia? Our ancestors, largely from Western cultures, connected to the land in their part of the world; they moved with the seasons as they followed the wheel of the year. The Goddess, for them, came from this connection and spoke to them of the land and the changing conditions; they knew when to celebrate, to create ceremony, to connect with the sacred.

For those of us whose ancestors came to this land after white settlement, we connect to these ancient traditions and we also love this country. However, the seasons are different and the sacred places have been identified by another culture. Also western sensibility to landscape and place is affected by living in urbanized settings, separated from the land and nature.

This Gathering will explore what it means to connect to the land here in Australia. We will journey to two Indigenous sacred sites and learn the significance of place; we will pay attention by using our senses to connect to the land through careful listening, feeling and seeing in new ways.

Where is Goddess expressed in your environment in the place where you live? Early people saw Her in the land, in nature and She is still there; and She is also in the urban environment despite the challenges that may create. In your planning to join us at the Gathering we would ask for you to find signs of Goddess in the landscape where you live, take a photo and bring it with you.


As part of the Gathering we would like to share how we perceive the Goddess in our own place, our landscape whether it is urban or rural. To do this we would like you each to take a photo of Goddess in your Landscape and bring it with you to share and/or you might like to bring an object/artifact that represents that image. This will be an important part of the conversation so we look forward to sharing.

We will be going on site visits which will require us to be out of doors. We will do this regardless of the weather so please bring clothes that are suitable so that you will enjoy yourself. What to Bring:
* Comfortable shoes to walk in a paddock
* Weather appropriate clothing including hat and scarf in case of cold
* Umbrella in case of rain
* A thermos (If you have one) for hot drinks and soup on our day out.


Outline of Gathering

6:30pm Arrive and Welcome
Acknowledgement of the traditional owners of this land
Casting the Circle Anique Radiant Heart
Sacred Drama

Introduction: Landscape as a sacred place Chris Sitka and Munya Andrews
Site Visits including lunch
6:30pm Dinner and evening fun

'Goddess in your environment'
Connection to Goddess - Earth Mother
Rhonda Evenstar and Aria Weaver
Marrying the past with the present

6:30pm Remembering the Ancestors: Samhain Ritual Ganga Ashworth and Jodie Danaan