Gaia's Garden : Goddess in Melbourne


Dear Sisters!

We have much to share with You this month, as some exciting events draw nearer at Gaia's Garden.

I have just spent this past weekend reflecting on the Goddess Gathering held the previous weekend. 30 amazing women together in our home; learning, sharing and finding new ways of acknowledging Goddess in this sacred land.

Three years of Gatherings has blessed us with deeper connections and understandings of Goddess spirituality. and the working of the Divine Feminine in our lives.

I thank the many women who have shared their knowledge skills and experience and those who have also shared their vulnerability and uncertainty. Often it is in the deep shadowy moments that the most is learned. Sitting with a woman sharing her pain opens the heart to greater understanding of our own wounds and leads to greater joy when a breakthrough is made.

I joy in the opportunity to continue to learn and grow - such a privilege to have this honour. Blessed be!

~ Tricia


Goddess in ancient and modern AsiaAsian Goddesses : Gaia's Garden

Finding a representation of Goddess that I haven’t heard of before, is always exciting for me. I love to know that She is both ancient, and emerging again. When I have time I use the magic of Google and find all sorts of wonderful information. My latest find is about the Goddess Mago (also known as Ma_Ku or Magu) an ancient Goddess of China, Korea and Japan. Like the Goddesses of Europe her story changes depending on time, geography and culture however there is a consistency that She predates time and was the Mother Creator of all. Have a look on the website for a summary of Her stories and links to a remarkable Korean American woman who has made it her mission to reclaim Mago and what she describes as Magoism.

June Journey

Mothers of the Movement

Dr Patricia Rose

with Drs Patricia Rose and Clare French

June Saturday 23rd 10:00 – 4:00

Journey in Gaia’s Garden with Patricia Rose and Claire French and learn about the Mothers of the Movement. Who are the women who have gone before; those who went deep and found new ways of expressing their spirituality through Goddess. Drs Patricia Rose and Claire French are leading thinkers in the Goddess community in Australia and internationally. They have both provided leadership in scholarship and practice.

Dr Clare French is the first person to receive a PhD in Goddess Studies in Australia. Clare is an elder from the Northern Hemisphere - Europe, with Goddess stories of her Place there, and the loss and regaining of them, who has also experienced leaving her homeland and coming to live here – in Australia and in the Southern Hemisphere.

Patricia has a PhD on contemporary women’s spirituality and lectures and writes on Goddess spirituality. She has recently researched and published Gaia Emerging (with Tricia Szirom) which tells the story of the Goddess community in Australia.

These two women are part of our herstory in the Goddess community in Australia. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear their perspective and learn from their wisdom.

Go to the website to book for this workshop.




The Gift of Being Woman with Cassandra Eve

'With every breath Her knowing grows stronger, that she is beautiful just as she is." ~ Heather Price

Friday 8 June 7.30 - 9.30pm & Weekend 9 & 10 June 10am - 5pm

Please bring food to share

Cassandra Eve is a S.H.E. (Spiritual Human Evolution) Facilitator and Senior Teacher of The Form - Reality Practice, an evolutionary meditative practice. She weaves this practice into circles in New Zealand and Australia, opening the door for women to engage a practice that facilitates natural integrated change. The Form realigns direct connection to source, revealing how we can live as radiant openness through the many challenges and changes of life.

Together we claim the gift of our full radiant potential, as woman, as Goddess, as Divine Feminine. The Gift of Being Woman is a profound exploration of your unique offering to life, and its ongoing evolution. Learning Parts 1 & 2 of The Form opens the space for a profound realignment with divinity, recognition of your innate beauty as woman and an all-embracing tender acceptance of your humanness.  This practice may then be used in your daily life to facilitate integrated growth of consciousness.

The Form is a practice suitable for everyone and is taught worldwide to adults and to children from 8 years up. It is simple to learn and may be practiced alone or shared with another.

For further information on Cassandra's work and The Form - Reality Practice go to


Food for the Goddess

The Magic of Food

Gaia’s Garden has become known for its wonderful food. We love to cook, and to eat, so any occasion is an excuse to do ‘kitchen magick’ and ‘cook up a storm’. Coming to Gaia’s Garden combines great conversations, inspiring rituals and delectable banquets. Not surprisingly I was moved to find out more about the various ways in which the Divine Feminine has been associated with food both its growth and its preparation. Delightfully both salt and chocolate have Goddess manifestations associated with them; as does feasting. Food is both provided by Goddess in Her abundance, and it is also a gift to Her for that abundance. Have a look at the website for this paper and send us your thoughts about the sacredness of growing, preparing and sharing food.

Kitchen Magick at Gaia's Garden


Living with the Goddess of Abundance

Tricia is presenting a fringe workshop at the Glastonbury Goddess Conference in late July this year and a shorter workshop during the conference. This year’s theme is on the Goddess of Abundance and Tricia will be working with Lakshmi the Goddess of wealth and abundance. To often we mistake wealth and abundance as being about money and property when it is much more likely to be about friendship, love and family. If you are interested in doing this workshop in Australia please let us know and we will arrange a date.