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Growing Goddess Community


Do you want to deepen your understanding of goddess?Goddess Studies

Perhaps you feel called to serve the Goddess?

Would you like to undertake a Goddess Studies program that speaks from the uniqueness of this ancient and sacred land?


The Concept

This unique study program will include:

Ø A strong focus on intentional listening to, and being with, the ‘land’ and understanding the traditional spirituality of this sacred place. Learning from Indigenous women will be an important component.

Ø Understanding the Goddess in Her many and various manifestations, from pre-history to newly emerging aspects, along with the unique nature of Her expression in this multicultural society.

Ø Undertaking community service which helps build awareness of Goddess in Australia and supports newly emerging groups across the country.

Ø Building a caring and nurturing community, which has the best interests of Goddess spiritual expression at the core.

Ø Engagement of the best and highest quality resources and personnel in Australia who are already providing many aspects of the program.




Ø While the program will be based at Gaia’s Garden in Melbourne, various aspects will be conducted in other locations including country Victoria, Queensland, NSW and some on-line.

Ø This is a three-year program which draws from a wide range of experience and knowledge built over thirty years of scholarship and experiential learning.

o Timing: The program will commence in February 2012 with the first residential and follow the wheel of the year with a two day workshop at the closest weekend to each sabbat. It will also include the Goddess Gathering at the end of April and the Goddess Conference in October.


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Goddess Conference in Australia


A Reflection by Tricia Szirom

Recently I flew with friends and family to the Gold Coast; not for a holiday or to visit the theme parks there, but to a Goddess Conference which drew together over 140 women (and a small group of men) from around the country. Australia has had a Goddess Conference for eight years starting in Melbourne with the work of Avril Webb and then taken to the Gold Coast by the energetic Patricia Corner (Pomegranate Grove). And even before that there were many gatherings and workshops which brought Goddess women together.

Kathy Jones in AustraliaThursday there were two major ‘events’: A fringe event with Kathy Jones who had been on tour here for the preceding two weeks, thanks to the vision of Anique Radiant Heart, and the set up of the venue. We were in a new venue; new to us and recently completed in Southport. The set up turned a large, new community building into a temple to the Goddess with the wonderful banners by Lydia Rule, hangings, altars and stalls overflowing with art and craft sacred to Her. The set up was an indication of the ways in which the women involved worked together for the weekend.

The conference commenced with a ritual to honour the elders and traditional owners of the land and to invoke Goddess to be with us throughout the weekend. We were now in sacred space.

What followed was an amazing array of workshops, performances and presentations prepared by women who live their lives in Her service. Six streams were covered: ecology, scholarship, women’s circles, ritual, music and dance, crafts. The buzz between sessions was intense as women processed what they were hearing and learning.

The workshops demonstrated the wonderful creativity within this growing community along with the diversity of approaches and practice. What is truly incredible is that within that diversity there is the will to come together and find common ground.

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