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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Gaia's Garden : Goddess in Melbourne

The next few months bring a cornucopia of opportunities to Gaia’s Garden – clearly the Goddess of Abundance is smiling on us: we have Shekhinah Morgan, Jane Meredith and Tess Elliot joining us for Journeys in the Garden and then we travel to Queensland for the annual Australian Goddess Conference: The Transformation.

Calendar of Events:

August 4th
Shekhinah Morgan - Walk like a Goddess

August 4th
Imbolc Ritual - 6:00pm bring food to share

September 15th and 16th
Tess Elliot -  Sheela-na-Gig

September 22nd
Jane Meredith -  The Magic of Ritual

September 23rd
Spring Equinox - 6:00pm bring food to share

September 29th
Jane Meredith - A Piece of my Heart: Dark Goddess Day

October 18th – 21st
Australian Goddess Conference - Queensland


Walk Like a GoddessShekhinah Morgan

She Walks like a Goddess is the only way to describe a woman who has participated in a workshop with Shekhinah Morgan. The creator of the Moon Diaries, Shekhinah is an exquisite dancer who brings her skills and knowledge to groups of women who want to walk in their power. Last year Shekhinah had every participant at the Goddess Conference walking proud and tall.

Shekhinah will lead us in a wonderful Journey in Gaia’s Garden on August 4th from 10:00am – 4:00pm. Cost $60 including refreshments.

In this wonderful workshop Shekhinah will teach us to move like a Goddess. Shekhinah, a dancer, musician, and body worker, is principal and teacher at the Awalim School of Middle Eastern Dance and Percussion and for 20 years has been exploring the relationship between Egyptian Dance and the Sacred Feminine. A highly skilled teacher, Shekhinah will show you the power of what she has learned in a unique and deceptively simple manner that will build your body awareness, confidence and personal presence.

Goddess Emerging in Tasmania

Sitting in the dining room of the local scout camp on a very chilly Sunday morning with the sound of sing bowls in the next room as the group does a meditation; I think back over the past twenty four hours of friendship and community. We have been here since Friday night – fifteen women who love the Goddess – finding new ways to express that love. We have danced, meditated, shared ritual space, talked and shared our knowledge and experience in the creation of a new and vibrant community.

Zahira Atkinson and Jo Corvinus have been running monthly Living Goddess workshops here in Northern Tasmania for six months and this weekend brought a larger group together for a full weekend event with Tricia Szirom from Gaia’s Garden.

Friday night commenced with a practical session on divination and prayer beads where everyone made a pendulum and/or a strand of Goddess prayer beads which were then dedicated to the Goddess through a visualization. Some even took their beads to the ocean and dipped them in the salty water for purification.

Back in the dinning room there is one long table in the centre, which has been decorated with moss and holly from the surrounding grounds. On either side are long tables ladened with a mix of pre-loved clothes and books, handcrafted candles and herb pillows books and oracles cards and other tools of the craft. A lot a bartering and bargaining occurs on the weekend.

On the Saturday we think about the need for connection to the land and knowing of our own place so that we can create a wheel of the year and rituals which speak to our own experience rather than that of the northern hemisphere. The afternoon is given to messages from the ancient Goddesses through images, tarot and stories; a wonderful sharing.

The ritual on Saturday evening brought a commitment by a small group to create dedicated Goddess space, perhaps ever a Goddess temple, here in northern Tasmania. What an amazing development and such a visionary group.

One of the women shared a prayer that she wrote when she was sixteen (she is now 51years) and has said every night since then not realizing that she was connecting the Gaia Goddess and Earth Mother.

Gaia's Garden : Goddess in Melbourne

Ode to Gaia

I answer to the Earth
For She and I are one
Her knowledge is within me
She is who I will become
Her longing in my heart
Her fire in my veins
I will be Her resurrection
When she dies within the flames
I can feel Her power stirring
As our spirits mix and blend
We are racing for the start
And running from the end
I am a child of dreaming times
New age that must begin
I am the gate that opens
To let forever in.
Beth Stewart

This is the first time that Beth has been in a Goddess gathering and she described it as ‘coming home’.

Sunday morning we work on the concept of abundance with remarkable insight and new learnings. This is a remarkable group of women, which is growing every month and finding support from each other in their spiritual quest.

If you live in Tasmania and would like to connect to other Goddess women contact Zahira: 0418139826 or Jo: 0437366711.



Jane Meredith Returns to Gaia’s GardenJane Meredith at Gaia's Garden

We are delighted to be able to welcome the wonderful Jane Meredith to Gaia’s Garden yet again this year. Jane ran her fabulous Aphrodite’s Magic last year and this year she is conducting two workshops for us in September. The first on September 22nd is on The Magic of Ritual. Some of the best rituals that I have ever been in were organized and facilitated by Jane and I highly recommend this day.

Jane MeredIth is a Priestess of the Goddess who is also a writer, facilitator and ritualist. She presents regularly at Goddess and pagan events around the world such as the Glastonbury Goddess Conference in England, at WitchCamps and Reclaiming events. Her book, Aphrodite’s Magic: Celebrate and Heal Your Sexuality was published in 2010. Jane has taught Goddess and mythology and Tarot workshops for many years, amongst other things, has an interest in magical systems and passions that include dark chocolate, cats and trees. Her website is:



Rituals can be amazing, magical and powerful – and some are just... not. Everyone can remember times where the ritual - whether it was solo, with a partner or group - took off, and seemed to almost run itself, powered with an energy that came from the Goddess, the earth and deep within ourselves. Less happily, we can also remember rituals that were dry, stilted or uncertain, where we never quite connected with what was happening.

What makes a successful ritual? How do you invite the participants to be fully involved? What does it take, to step across the boarders of the ordinary into the numinous?

How can you, as a ritualist, become one with your ritual, so that you exist in the living breathing magical realm you are calling on?

 Intention, technique, structure and practice all play a part in creating rituals that work. We will explore a number of aspects of ritual in depth; learning about invocations, casting circles and calling to the elements as well as creating intention and facilitating and deepening your ritual through structure, content and active participation. Magic unfolds within this space… and we’ll also examine what that means.

This work is fully participative, experiential and experimental, come prepared to use your voice and body. The day will culminate in a group ritual, devised by the participants and implementing what we've learnt.

September 22nd 10:00am -4:00pm

Cost: $60 includes lunch and morning tea.




The Dark Goddess dwells in a deep, underground place within us. She is ancient and powerful. She speaks only truth, so sometimes we force her into silence for long periods. In revealing our connection to her we become, temporarily, unbound and can revel fully in the creative dance of life and death.

Where has your life touched on the Dark Goddess? At your birth? At the deepest point of your utmost trauma? At the prospect of your death? The pathways to the Dark Goddess are many, and few dare to take them volentarily. But it is those times when we seek her out, rather than hide from her, that we learn to know her most intimately; as a sister, lover, mother, dauJane Meredith at Gaia's Gardenghter.

Picking up the precious container of our lives in both hands we tread bravely towards her, bringing the only offering possible; a piece of our hearts. Traversing through the mythic in sacred Temple space we behold her again and again; as divinity, in each other and within ourselves.

This workshop is fully participative, using ritual, personal processing and inner work, as well as reflection and discussion. Please bring: a veil, a journal and pen, and a piece of your heart to give as an offering to the Dark Goddess (offerings will not be returned).

September 23rd 10:00am -4:00pm

Cost: $100 / concession $80

Jane’s new book will be available at Gaia’s Garden during the September workshops.




The Amazing Story of Sheela-na-Gig

Is she a Goddess, a gargoyle, a conspiracy, a warning against lust, a protection against evil or some other mysterious being? Sheela na Gig emerged in Britain on medieval churches although it is believed that the image is much older. The vulva as holy symbol of birth and life is a very ancient idea that symbolizes the life-giving and regenerative powers of the Earth Mother. The image of the vulva has a long history of being carved in stone, and is found all over Europe from the Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages.

There are many theories surrounding the meaning behind the sheela na gig, and the most popular is that she is a survivor of an ancient pagan Goddess. Usually, the sheela has been identified with the Celtic Goddess Callieach. This Goddess is known to be a "hag" like figure of Irish mythology.

Special Event with Tess Elliott

Sheela’s invitation is to experience new & wondrous things.  In an informative & meditative process re-discover this ancient  Goddess. Open to Her knowledge, wisdom & Her all power-full energies of transformation. Create your own Sheela figurine from clay.

Tess Elliott : at Gaia's Garden : Goddess in Melbourne

Self-exploration is the corner stone to Tess’s creative work, both personally and professionally. A practicing Artist and teacher for 20 years, her interest in ancient symbol, celtic and medieval art, developing her own unique Australian style of art are just some of the areas on which she has specialised. In the last five years a return to clay work has been a very cathartic and wonderful experience and a great 2D medium to express one’s inner soul.

Tess’s other great passions is reading ancient history, especially pertaining to her Celtic heritage, creative writing & sharing how to live in union with the sacred feminine divine.

Cost: $135.00 / Cons: $105.00 (Includes your clay material)
BYO Lunch to share. 
Supper /Morn & afternoon tea provided.
Bookings Essential.
Limit of 12. 

To confirm your place, a bank /deposit of  $50.00 required by  15th   July   2012

Contact:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Mobile: 0412 141212
Gaia’s Garden: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Australian Goddess Conference: The TransformationAustralian Goddess Conference 2012 : at the Southport Community Centre

Join us on the Gold Coast for this wonderful annual event where Goddess people join together in music, discussion, performance, ritual and ceremony. Started seven years ago in Melbourne, by Avril Webb, the Goddess Conference provides a unique opportunity to meet like minded people and learn of the depth and breadth of Goddess spirituality as it is expressed in this country.

This year’s conference features some firsts: A Sacred Drama with the Thirteen Goddesses of Transformation which will involve every participant; and a Parliament of All Beings which will consider the future of this planet. Check out the GAIA Inc website for details and registrations

Gaia's Garden Newsletter

Saturday, 02 June 2012

Gaia's Garden : Goddess in Melbourne

Welcome and Merry Meet


I want to acknowledge that Gaia’s Garden is on the traditional land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation and pay tribute to their elders past, present and future. I respect and honour the way in which the Indigenous people cared for this sacred land over centuries.


How wonderful is the rain – the garden is lush and green. I am one of the rare people that I know who really loves winter. I love the sound of the rain on the roof and windows, I delight in the new growth when the sun shines through and there is nothing nicer for me than to snuggle into a warm cosy bed at night with a good book to read.
Blessed be!

~ Tricia


Winter Solstice : Gaia's Garden



Winter Solstice at Gaia's Garden

Winter Solstice ritual will be held at Gaia’s Garden on Saturday 23rd June. Join us at 6:00pm for the ritual and bring a plate of food to share for dinner afterwards.


June Journey

Join us for a Journey in Gaia’s Garden - Mothers of the Movement - with Drs Claire French and Patricia Rose on Saturday 23rd June 10:00am – 4:00pm. These two remarkable women will take us on a journey where we learn about the women who led the way in their expression of Goddess spirituality. Cost $60 includes lunch.

Dr Patricia Rose

Mothers of the Movement

with Drs Patricia Rose and Clare French

June Saturday 23rd 10:00 – 4:00

Journey in Gaia’s Garden with Patricia Rose and Claire French and learn about the Mothers of the Movement. Who are the women who have gone before; those who went deep and found new ways of expressing their spirituality through Goddess. Drs Patricia Rose and Claire French are leading thinkers in the Goddess community in Australia and internationally. They have both provided leadership in scholarship and practice.

Dr Clare French is the first person to receive a PhD in Goddess Studies in Australia. Clare is an elder from the Northern Hemisphere - Europe, with Goddess stories of her Place there, and the loss and regaining of them, who has also experienced leaving her homeland and coming to live here – in Australia and in the Southern Hemisphere.

Patricia has a PhD on contemporary women’s spirituality and lectures and writes on Goddess spirituality. She has recently researched and published Gaia Emerging (with Tricia Szirom) which tells the story of the Goddess community in Australia.

These two women are part of our herstory in the Goddess community in Australia. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear their perspective and learn from their wisdom.

Go to the website to book for this workshop.



Out and Proud : Goddess

Have you ever been asked why you are involved with Goddess ‘things’? and/or what is this Goddess ‘stuff’ about? What is your answer? Of course the response depends on the situation and the questioner however it is interesting to think about. We had this discussion in our Sacred Study Circle the other day and then role-played the responses in various situations.

I was fascinated to hear the responses and pleased to add to my repertoire. How about:

* The patriarchal monotheisms have led us to the point of world catastrophe. Perhaps it is time for a change back to a spirituality that cares for the Earth.

* The Feminine as Divine provides a very different way of being in the world, which honours the Earth as Mother.

* We need to see the Divine or the deity as the Mother Creator so that we learn that women are also sacred. It is time to move from a deity made in the image of man and embrace a feminist deity – strong in Her love of all equally.

* As a feminist I wanted a spirituality which expressed the power and creativity of women and the more I delved the more I realized that we had been denied our own herstory of a Goddess who was worshipped for over 40,000 years and had to be violently destroyed for the God to replace Her.

What would your answer be? Let us know and we will publish them.


Who is Goddess?Dr Tricia Szirom : Who is Goddess?

There is mystery, wonder and purposeful creativity that cannot be explained; there is joy and excitement in being beyond all that I understand there is sacredness.
And I chose to name that Goddess.

There is love that goes beyond and curiosity and searching for meaning.
There is creation and awareness that life has purpose and meaning
And I chose to call that Goddess.

There is sharing of depth and passion and the living of life beyond meaning; there is joy in the smallest moment and excitement in what is newly found, delight in creation
And I chose to call that Goddess.

There is belief in living with abundance of being in and of the divine
Beyond the mundane the moments of extra-ordinary, the spark of a new idea, the passion for living dauntless, expansive, expressive.
And I chose to call Her Goddess.


Shekhinah Mogan : Move like a Goddess

Move Like a Goddess

Join Shekhinah Morgan in Dancing and Drumming as Sacred Practice. When we are committed to living in the ways of the Goddess, we involve our whole being. In understanding our bodies to be the temples of the Goddess, we seek to nurture them with love and respect and to deepen our pleasure in them.

We need ways to celebrate and to build energy with and in our bodies ; to build the ‘container’. To this end, Shekhinah offers a day exploring dance and movement and the use of percussion instruments in the creation and holding of the space of ritual. As well we will explore the use of trance dance in ritual as a way of connecting with our deeper realities and finding ecstatic states.

Saturday 4th August. 10:00am – 4:00pm
Cost$60 includes lunch.



News from the Goddess Studies Program

Six students are almost halfway through their first year of the Goddess Studies Program here at Gaia’s Garden. One of the recent assignments was about the change of the cycles and seasons where each student lives. Cathy Deehan prepared a wonderful article about her place on this land and the way the changing seasons affect her. Cathy made a study of the seasonal cycles from an Indigenous perspective prior to white settlement. She also explored local seasonal food for the area and what to cook. I found this research particularly helpful and hope that you do too. To read the paper go to Our Website.



Sheela Na-Gig : Celtic Goddess of Transformation with Tess ElliottTess Elliott : at Gaia's Garden : Goddess in Melbourne

Friday 14 th Sept  - Sat 15th  Sept  2012
(evening – 6.30 – 9.30pm  & Sat  9.30-4pm )

Sheela’s invitation is to experience new & wondrous things.  In an informative & meditative process re-discover this ancient  Goddess. Open to Her knowledge, wisdom & Her all power-full energies of transformation. Create your own Sheela figurine from clay.

Venue: Gaia’s  Garden,   East  Kew, Victoria
Cost: $135.00 / Cons: $105.00 (Includes your clay material)
BYO Lunch to share.
Supper /Morn & afternoon tea provided

Bookings Essential
Limit of 12
To confirm your place, a bank /deposit of  $50.00 required by  15th   July   2012

Contact:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Mobile: 0412 141212
OR This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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