17th September 2009

Talking Goddess Interview Edition - thea Gaia



For the inaugural episode of 'Talking Goddess Interview Edition' we talk to thea Gaia a renound Goddess woman not only in Australia but around the world. thea has been on a journey for more than 20 yrs "reclaiming her ancient past", stirring her creativity and deepened her love and respect for life, embodied as female. Studies in education, theology, women's history , and pre-Christian Goddess cultures, have led her through 3 years of teaching deaf children, 20 years of Church ministry, and 20 years of freelance facilitating of women's spirituality circles, courses and feminist ritual celebrations while closely associated with the early and continuing Goddess movement in Australia.

thea is a much loved guide and spiritual mentor to many. Her wisdom is inspiring and her love of the Goddess is a message to all who seek the Divine Feminine in themselves and others. We are proud to have her as our first interview guest.

Thank you for listening and we hope you enjoy the show