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Max Dashu in Melbourne November 2014

Gaia's Garden invites you to:

The true story about our past is an inspiration for our future.

The renowned woman scholar Max Dashu, who is the world expert on women's suppressed histories, will be in Melbourne in November presenting her stunning slide shows revealing the visual evidence of women's spiritual and temporal power throughout history.

An extra special Q & A session will be held at which you can milk Max's vast knowledge base and those with knowledge of the Goddess cultures, or who want to explore deeper, are especially invited to attend.

Max Dashu founded the Suppressed Histories Archives, in USA, in 1970 to document women’s global history and heritages. Her legendary slide shows use images to teach about female power, mother-right, ancient iconography, patriarchy, conquest, racism, and other systems of domination. She’s created two videos: Women’s Power in Global Perspective and Woman Shaman: the Ancients.

Her Facebook page Suppressed-Histories-Archives has 135,000 followers.

Her various shows in Melbourne are described in detail with prices and locations at:



Mark these dates in your diary

Saturday 8th November - Community Hall, 99 Leinster Grove, Thornbury

2-5 pm - Lesbians & Amazons 

7-10 pm - Female Icons, Ancestral Mothers

Sunday 9th November -

8 -10 pm -  Untamed Women vs Imperial Roman Patriarchy

Walley St, Northcote. Bookings required for this event only

Thursday 13th November - Northcote Town Hall

7 – 10 pm - Conversation With Max Dashu – a special Q&A session.

Saturday 22nd November -  Community Hall, 99 Leinster Grove, Thornbury

2-5 pm - Witches and Pagans

7-10 pm - Rebel Women Shamans

Melbourne events Facebook pages:

Lesbians and Amazons; & Female Icons (2 shows), Melbourne Nov 8

Conversation with Max Dashu Q&A , Melbourne, Nov 13:

Rebel Shamans; Witches and Pagans (2 shows), Melbourne, Nov 22 :

Untamed Females Vs. Imperial Roman Patriarchy, Melbourne Nov 9:

Please join us.

Chris Sitka (Producer)

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also see;



Max Dashu in Melbourne November 2013

November 29th  - December 1st    Max Dashu in Melbourne

maxdashuFRIDAY 29  NOVEMBER 2013  -  MELBOURNE


Deasophy: Goddess a visual journey into the female Divine: as Snake, as Mother, as Waters, as Sun, as Spider and Corn and Tree, as Earth or as Heavens. Creatrix, holy Wisdom, the Fates, the Tao, the numinous, primal Mystery. We'll look at ancient figurines in clay and stone and ivory, statues, seals, ceramic plaques, rock art, megaliths, pipes, murals, codices, ancestor carvings and masks. We'll range from Ecuador to Zimbabwe to Iran and China and the Balkans, to Spain, Nigeria, Mexico, Indiana, Eurasia... The presentation draws on the massive collection of the Suppressed Histories Archives, with some 30,000 images..

Tea and coffee will be served afterwards and an opportunity to mingle with the presenter. 



DAY WORKSHOP: Woman Shaman: the Ancients  (Women only event)

A transformative visual journey through images: women as invokers, enchantresses, oracles and diviners, ecstatic dancers, shape-shifters, spirit-riders and sky-walkers, and priestesses of the ancestors. This may be the most comprehensive visual record of female shamanic traditions in the world, a rich international terrain of medicine women and seeresses. "Woman is by nature a shaman," says a Chukchee proverb from Siberia. Yet the female dimension of this spiritual realm has been systematically slighted, even though medicine women have been at its forefront in countless cultures. This will be a rare opportunity to taste their wisdom, reconnect with the Source, and water your visionary dreamscape with spiritual riches. 


EVENING CEREMONY : Celebrating SHE, Who Is

A ceremony incorporating sacramental dance, incantation and movement. Come and be prepared to be transported and transformed.  Led by Max Dashu and Anique Radiant Heart.



Morning: Breasts! sacred symbolism of the Lifegivers (Women only event)

Breasts! we'll see ceremonial breastpots from China, Tennessee, Nigeria, the Philippines, Central America and central Europe. The symbolism of women's breasts as lifegivers in wall murals, doors, pillars, funerary urns, even furnaces; and in votive plaques, jewelry (especially pectorals of beaten gold), figurines, megaliths, wooden drums, and sculptured fountains. A marvelous, fun exploration of a global but overlooked female iconography.

Afternoon: Grandmother Stones of Megalithic Europe  (Women only event)

The female menhir-statues of France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Sardinia are Europe’s earliest monumental art, and yet have been omitted by most histories. We'll look at these rarely-published female statue-menhirs, including a few from Germany, Ukraine, and Greece. We'll explore their recurrent symbolism of breast and necklaces, the "ancestor-face," vulva signs; and note their similarities to Algerian and Ethiopian megalithic statues. These female monuments are the mother-right heritage—and hidden history—at the foundations of European history.



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PaGaian Cosmology with Dr GlenYs LivingStone

PaGaian Cosmology with Dr GlenYs LivingStone

Saturday 3rd August, 10:00am -4:30pm

Cost: $80

PaGaian Cosmology is an evolutionary spirituality grounded in the Earth-Sun annual cycle – the Pagan tradition of Europe, linked to story of the unfolding Universe, and the Triple Goddess. The core understanding of PaGaian Cosmology is that the world we live in is sacred and alive. PaGaian Cosmology holds the understanding that each being is a creative place of cosmological unfolding – with every breath, and participates in a larger Cosmic cycle of never-ending renewal. This is represented in the ancient motif of the Triple Spiral, which is seen as an abstract expression of the Triple Goddess. 


GlenYs LivingStone received her Ph.D. in Social Ecology from the University of Western Sydney Australia in 2003, and is author of PaGaian Cosmology: Re-inventing Earth-based Goddess Religion (iUniverse 2005).


In her home in the Blue Mountains, GlenYs and her partner Taffy have created a sacred space where they teach and celebrate the seasons of the year. Glenys has over thirty years experience on a Goddess path, which has included diverse spiritualities and a scientific perspective, inner work as well as academic scholarship. Her studies have been in theology, ritual, archaeomythology, social ecology, psychology, sociology and education. Glenys teaches a year-long course “Celebrating Cosmogenesis” which is also available on-line.