PaGaian Cosmology with Dr GlenYs LivingStone

Saturday 3rd August, 10:00am -4:30pm

Cost: $80

PaGaian Cosmology is an evolutionary spirituality grounded in the Earth-Sun annual cycle – the Pagan tradition of Europe, linked to story of the unfolding Universe, and the Triple Goddess. The core understanding of PaGaian Cosmology is that the world we live in is sacred and alive. PaGaian Cosmology holds the understanding that each being is a creative place of cosmological unfolding – with every breath, and participates in a larger Cosmic cycle of never-ending renewal. This is represented in the ancient motif of the Triple Spiral, which is seen as an abstract expression of the Triple Goddess. 


GlenYs LivingStone received her Ph.D. in Social Ecology from the University of Western Sydney Australia in 2003, and is author of PaGaian Cosmology: Re-inventing Earth-based Goddess Religion (iUniverse 2005).


In her home in the Blue Mountains, GlenYs and her partner Taffy have created a sacred space where they teach and celebrate the seasons of the year. Glenys has over thirty years experience on a Goddess path, which has included diverse spiritualities and a scientific perspective, inner work as well as academic scholarship. Her studies have been in theology, ritual, archaeomythology, social ecology, psychology, sociology and education. Glenys teaches a year-long course “Celebrating Cosmogenesis” which is also available on-line.