The events and activities at Gaia’a Garden are organised by a small group of women who enjoy being together and sharing our journey to deepen our understanding of Goddess. Each of us come from very different backgrounds and bring with us diverse understandings of the Divine Femini

ne. Together we learn and celebrate our lives and our love of the Great Mother as we experience Her in this sacred land.


On a daily basis, Gaia’s Garden is coordinated by Jenny Cameron, Tricia Szirom and Margaret de Kam.

Priestess Pia

Priestess Pia

Melbourne based, Pia is a Priestess of the Goddess, Sacred sexuality sensuality & women’s mysteries initiated in Glastonbury Avalon UK. Raised in Goddess community, her passion for sharing earth based spirituality has lead her on an eco village pilgrimage, holding empowerment workshops all over the world.

Returning from her massage residency at the Avalon Goddess Conference and as a wisdom keeper and at the Australian Goddess conference in Sydney, she has now settled back to her home city of Melbourne, reactivating the Eco Spiritual community there through collaborative projects.








Tricia Szirom

Tricia has been on her journey with Goddess in her search for deeper meaning for fifty years; thirty five years ago she found the Divine Feminine in the traditional church, then through books and then in the lives of other women. Finding other women who were also drawn to matri-focused community is an ongoing joy, as is deep discussion and searching for greater understanding together. Through Gaia's Garden she is working to spread the messages of the goddess to other women. Tricia has published seven books on sexuality, gender, women's rights, group work, and Goddess ritual and community. 

Jenny Cameron




In 1979 Jennifer travelled for a year visiting matriarchal sites from Malta to Turkey and the Celtic sites of England, Scotland and Brittany - remaining evidence of a great goddess culture across the Western world. Since then she has been exploring ways to express her own spirituality within a feminist framework, informed in more recent years by a concern for Gaia, the Earth. Jennifer has been an activist, involved in organising feminist and then Goddess conferences, recently responsible for the She of 10,000 Faces art exhibition held in May in Melbourne, of goddess – women’s art. She is a member of a Divine Feminine Study Circle and is Co-Convenor of Gaia’s Garden, a place for learning and ritual for the goddess community.Jenny Cameron is a Co-convener of Gaia’s Garden and the inspiration for much of our work. Her depth of knowledge and connection to the Divine Feminine is a sound base for exploration of new ideas and scholarship.








Margaret de Kammargaretdekam

Margaret de Kam came to the Goddess over many years, initially not having words to explain and understand the deep resonance she had with the earth, the seasons, and the depth of feeling she experienced when in the natural world. Over the past 10 years she has participated in many Goddess events conferences and gatherings and has learnt many things and continues to ask herself many questions, she continues the journey now with new and good friends who are on the Goddess path, and through them and her own spiritual practice has developed a deeper understanding of the Goddess in the world. Margaret is a social worker working with children and young adults and their families who are troubled.