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Growing Goddess Community

 Women on a Goddess Pilgrimage in silent meditation walk through Gorge of the Dead, Crete.

'Members at Gaia's Garden have been exploring the concept of being in place. Tricia Szirom has worked with many women to identify places in Australia where they sense a sacred connection to land. This resource has prompted our thinking about how to visit such sites and how to be there if we went. We have considered the Indigenous concept of Dadirri, other women's experiences of spiritual retreat, meditation, listening in the wild and personal peace within the environment. Patricia Rose's book Knowing Places , which is in part an exploration of this experience has also been a resource.

A first group is going to camp within the Grampians National Park for three days in late October 
2015 as a pilot to considering how to conduct further events potentially for larger groups.'

 Women on a Goddess Pilgrimage in silent meditation walk through Gorge of the Dead, Crete.  

An experience of 'being' with the land at Gariwerd National Park.

'Rocks, upthrust long ago, shaped by wind and rain;
Streams, sandy-bottomed, cut deep thru the ages;
Trees, fire-scarred, regenerating;
Wildflowers, miniscule, blooming bright with spring's palette;
Gaia Earth, ancient, ever new, sharing with women her trove.'

- Patricia Rose

Gamboling in the Grampians
Park Like Camping Site Thanks to the women who came to visit my favourite sites in the Grampians/Gariwerd National Park. It was a pleasure to guide you into the sacred spaces. To take you to see the paintings in the sacred shelters used for living and ceremony by the original people for 30,000 years. They resonate with energy and spiritual power and you were prepared to hike through the wild bush in the most unspoiled and unpeopled edges of the ranges to visit them.

Resting on the ascent I know I took you out of your comfort zones to climb onto the peak of Manja tor to view the glorious 360 degree visage of stunning mountains and endless plains stretching to the far horizon.I realised what I thought was an easy rock scramble was a challenge to some of you. But you took the challenge and got the reward – peaking at the summit.
Then when I looked at the climb through the rock crevice into the womb hidden in the body of the rock tor I said that I realised it was a bit too hard for this grey haired troupe of seekers.Inside the womb However every one of our party decided to wriggle, slide, scrabble and take leaps of faith to make it over the very tricky and twisty cervix into the secret cave. Even when they were frightened and I had to climb up and down several times to accompany and help them, all the sisters overcame their fears and limitations to reach the wonderful space in which we seven held hands in reverie.
The next day we were rewarded further with the discovery of the 'heart rock' and a relaxing time sitting amidst the Buandig waterfalls. Some of us even plunging in under. In between everyone enjoyed taking baths in the deep pool of the creek near our camp.
Thanks for connecting to country with me in such a heartfelt, enthusiastic and adventurous way. May there be more of it. Listening to water


The Sacred Drama group at Gaia’s Garden has developed and performed two plays at Gaia's Garden.

sacred drama

One of the plays, ‘Out of Chaos’, was performed to a standing ovation in 2014 at the Glastonbury Goddess Conference in the UK.
One ritual piece was devised and was used to open the GAIA Inc. Conference in 2012. A workshop on embodying the elements has been presented twice, including as a workshop at the 2013 GAIA Inc. Conference.

Goddess Sacred Drama Group

"The creative process shrivels in the absence of continual dialogue with the soul.

And creativity is what makes life worth living."

Marion Woodman


sacreddramaAny woman interested in the feminine divine expressed through dramatic forms is warmly invited to make contact about being involved. This is sometimes a regular group and sometimes intermittent, depending upon whether a piece is being developed.

Actors, Directors, Writers, Improvisers and those who don't yet know they are any of these are all welcome.

The group is facilitated by the members, with each contributing from her experience.

At different times we have explored mask-work; embodiment; the ritual/drama nexus; script work and improvisation. 

What is the sacred feminine divine?

Goddess drama seeks to explore this question in our lives today. The work we do includes humour, personal experience, political and social commentary, and feminism in our exploration of the lives of women and their relationships, to the Earth, to others and to their own inner being.

Contact Jenny 0408 438 194 

‘Knowing Goddess’ : A forum for deep discussions:knowing

The Knowing Goddess Gatherings are designed for those of us who want to take our understanding of Goddess to a deeper level. Everyone involved will contribute to the deepening discussions and rituals so that we can each gain from each other’s wisdom. Expectations of involvement in these forums will be that women will come prepared through their own thinking, reading and writing. The discussions will include topics such as:


Who is Goddess and how do we know Her?

How do we find Goddess in the land and what is our relationship to the sacredness of this land?

What does the concept of ‘Mother, Maiden, Crone’ mean in current time and circumstances?

What is our relationship with the elements and seasons.


The outcomes will include papers based on the discussions which will be published on the Gaia’s Garden website.


Timing and Dates for other Knowing Goddess Forums: 10:00am – 4:00pm           

     Sunday June 22nd                       

     Sunday August 3rd                     

     Sunday September 21st           

     Sunday December21st            

Cost: $30 includes Lunch



Sabbatt Learning Circles: Prior to the rituals there will be a 1hour Learning Circle for women who are interested in knowing more about the rituals, learn the songs we often sing and hear a little about the particular sabbatt and its meaning.

The Sabbatt Learning Circles will commence at 5:00pm for one hour and take place prior to every Sabbatt Ritual. Dates and topics for the Sabbatt Learning Circles:

     Sunday March 23rd                     Second Harvest, Mabon, Autumn Equinox

     Wednesday April 30th               Samhain

     Sunday June 22nd                        Winter Solstice

     Sunday August 3rd                      Imbolc

     Sunday September 21st            Spring Equinox

     Friday October 31st                    Beltaine

     Sunday December21st                      Summer Solstice