‘Knowing Goddess’ : A forum for deep discussions:knowing

The Knowing Goddess Gatherings are designed for those of us who want to take our understanding of Goddess to a deeper level. Everyone involved will contribute to the deepening discussions and rituals so that we can each gain from each other’s wisdom. Expectations of involvement in these forums will be that women will come prepared through their own thinking, reading and writing. The discussions will include topics such as:


Who is Goddess and how do we know Her?

How do we find Goddess in the land and what is our relationship to the sacredness of this land?

What does the concept of ‘Mother, Maiden, Crone’ mean in current time and circumstances?

What is our relationship with the elements and seasons.


The outcomes will include papers based on the discussions which will be published on the Gaia’s Garden website.


Timing and Dates for other Knowing Goddess Forums: 10:00am – 4:00pm           

Yule (Winter         June 25 - Sunday


Imbolc                  July 30 - Sunday

Eostara                Sept 24 - Sunday

Beltaine                Oct 29 - Sunday

Litha (Summer     Dec 17 - Sunday