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Growing Goddess Community

Beltane at Gaia’s Garden 

Join us at Gaia’s Garden for a delicious evening honouring the season of Beltane.

Lover Earth


mailout1As she burst into glorious bloom, erupting in delectable rapture, of colour, scent, taste, texture. It’s time to Drink. Her. In. Caress her as you lay on the grass, draw in the scent of honey suckle, wattle, wisteria. Nights grow warmer, Moist fresh air caresses skin.

Is that rain, or the trickle of sweat down your back?


The increased bussing of insects, the song of birds, Her voice calling out in the throes of sensuous ecstasy. ‘I am alive, I am here, I am rising’


The plump textures of the abundant bounty of her body, ripe, fragrant, inviting,

She yearns for you to take a bite.

We call to you Rhiannon Avalonian Goddess of love, and breath you in!

We call to you Aphrodite, Persephone, Magdalene, Holy whore, ‘Lover Earth’ Divine, and breath you in!

This is Beltane, Season of Lover and Beloved

Wear red, or many colours, as the blooming of Lover Earth.

Bring a plate of food to share (Locally sourced preferred) and any altar items of beauty you wish to embalm with the energy of Beltane.



What: Beltane at Gaia’s Garden

When: Sunday Oct 28th 6:00pm

Where: Apartment 11c, 168 Victoria Rd Northcote.

Enter 3011 and the bell symbol at the gate and we will open the gate.

Walk straight forward and we will come and meet you.


The Wheel of the Year at Gaia's Garden

Women are invited to join us to celebrate the eight festivals at 6pm for 6:30pm ritual commencement on the following dates. We are using a Wheel of the Year adapted to the Southern Hemisphere and modified to acknowledge the seven Indigenous seasons for South East Australia.

The traditional festivals were developed over thousands of years in parts of Europe where they celebrated the changing of the seasons and the shifts in the land such as harvest and spring. Not surprisingly our Celtic forebears brought these traditions with them although the seasons and the land is very different.

Like other people, we have translated the festivals to the southern hemisphere. We have more recently acknowledged the seasons for our part of the land and the placing of the elements as fits our place on the land.


Wheel of the Year Celebrations

At Gaia’s Garden we celebrate the Wheel of the Year with a combination of traditional rituals and acknowledgement of the Indigenous seasons for the south-eastern corner of Australia. Rituals and Celebrations are free and commence at 6:00pm Please bring a plate of food to share.


Sabbat Rituals in 2018:

The rituals are held on a Sunday closest to when the Sabbat falls.


Lammas               Feb 4

Mabon                 March 18

Samhain              April 29

Yule (Winter         June 24


Imbolc                  Aug 5

Oestera                Sept 23

Beltaine                Oct 28

Litha (Summer     Dec 16


Women are invited to participate and all Sabbat rituals will commence at 6:00pm (for 6:30pm ritual) and conclude with a meal. Please bring a plate of food to share.  Call 0408 438 194 for further information