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Growing Goddess Community

Amrita Hobbs is an author, international trainer and innovative facilitator who works with women, mothers and daughters, and teenage girls, passing on her knowledge and wisdom of the Feminine Mysteries.

Visit her Website.

 Wendy Rule is a passionate and dedicated pagan who weaves magick in song that speaks to the deep emotions of pagan spirituality.

Wendy tours in Australia, Europe and the USA and sings at the Goddess Conference.

Visit her Website.

 Hand written, richly illustrated and using recycled paper, the Moon Diary is the work of Shekhinah Morgan with art by Kellie Gough.

This is a wonderful tool to guide you through the year with information about lunar lore, myth and ritual, Moon phases and transits

Visit the Moon Diary Website.

Roxanne Bodsworth author of Sunwyse is a celebrant and writer who lives in country Victoria.

Visit her Website.

Patricia Rose is a Goddess woman, author, scholar and teacher. With her partner she runs the consulting company Wildwood consulting.

Patricia is the creator of the Australian Goddess Cards.

Visit the Website.

Patricia Corner conducts priestess training and other Goddess spirituality groups and programs in Mt Gambier and Adelaide (South Australia) through the Pomegranate Grove.

Patricia was the convenor of the Australian Goddess Conference and GAIA Inc. until last year.

Visit the Pomegranate Grove Website.

Oakwillow magick training is a thirteen month online course, which runs April to April (Samhaine to Samhaine), in Earth based spirituality.

Participants finish the course with an understanding of the Celtic wheel of the year, sacred circle work, use of the elements..

For more information contact Jodie at the Oakwillow Circle Site.

Mikailah’s passion is celebrating the Wise Woman’s 13 Moons through the cycles of Nature, creative therapies and intuitive body wisdom.

She creates a place of rich beauty to support women in reconnecting to Mother Earth and their own creative, healing juices.

Visit her Website.

 Jane Meredith is a priestess of the Goddess and a teacher of ritual, facilitator of ceremony, tarot reader and the Circle of Eight based on the Celtic Wheel of the Year.

Visit her Website.

GlenYs LivingStone is the author of Paigain Cosmology, a visionary and teacher.

GlenYs’ work is grounded in the Old European indigenous religious practice, integrated with evolutionary perspective and Goddess scholarship.

Visit her website.

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