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Growing Goddess Community

Ganga Karen Ashworth is a remarkable singer and voice coach who sings to the Goddess.

Ganga worked with Louise Bell to write and record the inspiring CD Echoes of the Goddess. Visit their website.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

France Billinghurst, who runs the Temple of the Dark Moon in South Australia, describes herself as a Wytch, a Wiccan and an occultist, although not necessarily in that order.

The temple has regular rituals and other events.

Visit her Website.

Australian Reclaiming Community is an eclectic pagan collective that believes that the Earth is sacred and recognises that diverse community is essential to healthy life. Our core tenets are based on a feminist approach to egalitarianism, the equal sharing of leadership, power and responsibility, and the fostering of personal empowerment.

Visit their website.

Avril Webb is a wonderful craftswoman and owner of Gorgeous Goddess Creations.

Visit her website.

Annette Cutelli is an artist with a love of the Goddess that is reflected in her beautiful images.

Annette is on Facebook.

Anita Revel is the creatrix of the Goddess Playshops and the facilitator of and Team Goddess.

Her site provides a valuable link to a broad range of Goddess events and resources.

Visit her website.

Anique Radiant Heart is a highly acclaimed singer of the Goddess.

Anique conducts workshops and sacred women’s tours to Crete and performs at many Goddess events and festivals around the world. Visit her website.

The Goddess Association in Australia (GAIA Inc) is an incorporated, not-for-profit organisation that addresses the growing needs of Goddess-centred spirituality in Australia and provides information and networks for Goddess communities and events including a wonderful annual conference.

Visit the website.

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